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Waterfalls in Sasaram

Sasaram is famous for having ancient structures and religious places. However, the city is equally popular for being bestowed with the nature. The beauty of the city is that it has everything that a city can have. Apart from being a historical city, Sasaram has two waterfalls and one of them is the source of one river in Bihar. The landscape of the waterfalls and the picturesque have always enthralled the people who pay visit to this beautiful city. Regardless to say that the charisma of the city has made many people visit it repeated times.

About Sasaram Tourism

When it comes to natural beauty, Sasaram is known for two beautiful Waterfalls near the city. The waterfalls are very popular tourist destinations and also picnic spots for the locals. Both the spot also contribute to the energy generation and capable of producing 50-100 MW electricity.

Dhua Kund in Sasaram

Also known as the DhuanKund, the waterfall is situated at around 3 Km from the Maa Tara Chandi Temple in Sasaram. The Dhua Kund is also the source of the Kao River in Bihar which later changes the name to Thori River and enters Bhojpur District and then finally fall in Buxar District. The reason behind the name of the waterfall is dense fog that covers around the area almost all time of the year. The fog looks like smoke from far and that is why it has been named as the Dhua Kund where Dhua means Smoke.The significance of the waterfall is immense and beyond just a tourist destination. Apart from being the source of a river which is although small but very important for the agriculture of Sasaram, it is also the hot spot for many flora. The Biodiversity around the Dhua Kund is enriched and spectacular. The waterfall remains crowded throughout the year for the intrinsic beauty. However, the time during Summer roughly around March is ideal for visit to the Dhua Kund.

Waterfalls in Sasaram

The importance of the waterfall increases with the electricity generation. The waterfall is capable of generating 50 to 100 MW of electricity. The electricity produced from the Dhua Kund is of great significance to the people and industry of Sasaram.The value of Dhua Kund as a tourist spot is unquestionable. There would be hardly anyone who does not pay a visit to this waterfall while touring Sasaram. This is one of the most beautiful locations in Sasaram. The water falling from almost 300 feet creates a alluring picturesque. The unforgettable memory of DhuaKund might pull anyone to visit the place again. Apart from a hot spot for the tourists, it is also a very popular picnic spots for the locals. Many of the local people reach the spot and stays there to enjoy the nature and the beauty of Dhua Kund.

Manjhar Kund in Sasaram

Manjhar Kund is another popular destination of the tourists in Sasaram. The waterfall situated near the Dhua Kund is shorter than Dhua Kund but beautiful enough to attract thousands of tourists from all around the country. The impressive natural landscape and the picturesque has been the most interesting feature of the Manjhar Kund. The waterfall observes thousands of visitors for its prime location. The place is also very popular among the locals and is one of the popular picnic spots in the city. Known for its awesome evening Manjhar Kund is definitely one of the places where you would like to visit.
The significance of the Manjhar Kund is beyond a tourist place and is more of a meeting point and cultural hub for the people of Sasaram.

Festival in Dhua and Manjhar Kund

Festivals in Sasaram

The Dhua Kund and Manjhar Kund are not only famous as waterfalls and natural landscapes but also as cultural center. Every year a special Festival is organized along Dhua Kund and Manjhar Kund on ‘Raksha Bandhan’. The festival known as the Festival of the Sisters is immense popular in the area. A well-organized fair can be visited at the venue. People from different culture and different values come together to celebrate the festival. Many stalls especially of food and Chaats are organized at the fair. Amusement stalls for the kids and special attractions like magic and others are also quite common in the Raksha Bandhan Festival of Dhua Kund and Manjhar Kund. The festival is considered as one of the most important festivals of Sasaram and it is being organized from many years now.

Facilities near Dhua Kund

The facilities near the popular tourists destinations are amazingly not so much affluent. There is no place to stay near the Dhua Kund and the Manjhar Kund. However, small shops and stalls for food and small restaurants can be found out at the hilltop. Even though the waterfalls have been very popular but major tourism development has not taken place. One has to be lodged at the main Sasaram City to visit the Dhua Kund and the Manjhar kund.

How to reach Dhua Kund and Manjhar Kund in Sasaram ?

The transportation has improved in recent past, thanks to the influx of the tourists. Private transportation are available from the main city to the Dhua Kund and Manjhar Kund. It is better to book own travel vehicle to visit the beautiful place then to rely on the public transport which is not up to the mark. However, reaching the waterfall from the Sasaram city is not a tedious job.

Sasaram is situated at the Grand Trunk Road or National Highway 2 between Delhi and Kolkata. The city is also connected to the state capital Patna by the road network. Buses from the nearby cities are available for Sasaram. The Indian Railway Network can also be accessed to reach Sasaram. It comes on the route of New Delhi to Howrah. The station is big enough and many trains take a stop there. There is no particular air communication bit airports of Kolkata, Gaya, Patna and Varanasi can be used to reach to the ancient and beautiful city.

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