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Temples in Sasaram

An ancient city of Sasaram is home to numerous temples devoted to various deities. Despite of the fact that Sasaram was under the rule of Muslims, it has many Hindu Temples and also famous for its dexterity and architecture. Majority of the temples situated in Sasaram was built in ancient time or Pre-Suri Dynasty era and are still equally famous. The city is famous for having archaeological excellence and the temples contribute a large to it.

Temples in Sasaram

It is said that once the area was under the rule of legendary King Raja Harish Chandra. The temples of the city majorly situated on the high hills of the outskirts and were established during the reigns of the various Hindu Kings. There are many temples in the city famous for its significance. Here are the main temples situated in Sasaram.

Maa Tara Chandi Temple in Sasaram

Maa Tara Chandi TempleThe most famous and beautiful temple of Sasaram is Maa Tara Chandi Temple. Situated on the hilly terrain, the holy place greets the devotees with auspicious environment and majestic sound of the bell. The sacred place has huge religious importance. It is believed that the ‘Netra’ or the Eye of MaaShati was dropped here. This is one of the ‘MahaShaktipith’ of India and devotees throng in here in large numbers throughout the year especially during the Navaratri. The history of the temple goes back to thousands of years. It is said that the King Sahastrabahu was a devotee of MaaChandi and used to come to the temple for worshipping. Sasaram has been named after the King Sahastrabahu. Apart from it, the tales suggest that Sidhartha came to MaaChandi Temple after he got the enlightment and became Buddha for the world. The tale suggests that MaaChandi came and witnessed Buddha as a girl in the temple.

The popularity and the importance of the temple is as strong as it’s history. Many devotees come to the temple to worship the Tara Chandi. The deity of Maa Tara Chandi is believed to be very old and is considered one of the most beautiful idols of the country. The temple is also famous for holding ‘The ShravaniMela’, one of the oldest festivals in India. It is said that the festival is being celebrated in Sasaram from the time of Raja Sahastrabahu. The most famous offering of the temple is HalwaPuri. Read More......

Chaurasan Temple in Sasaram

Chaurasan Temple is located near the Rohtasgarh Fort in Sasaram. The ancient temple is believed to be established by the legendary Hindu King Harish Chandra. Devoted to Lord Shiva, the ancient temple is famous for its dexterity and religious importance. The temple is one of the oldest temples of the country. The devotees from around the country and the world visit the holy place for worshipping. Regardless of the season and time, the Chaurasan Temple witness huge crowd.The festival and the puja during the time ‘MahaShivaratri’ is considered as one of the best in the country. Many devotees reach the temple to worship the Lord of the Lords, Shiva. There is some believe among the local people that has made the temple even more famous. The local people believe that all wishes prayed at the ancient temple of Chaurasan come true. Due to the old age of the temple, it has started decaying in recent times. However, sighting the religious importance, concerned authorities have started discussing to revamp and maintain the temple to keep the glory of the temple alive.

Gupteshwar Temple in Sasaram

Sasaram is a place of ancient temples and many mythological stories are linked to the temples. GupteshwarMahadev Temple is another old temple in the city. The temple is situated at the Kaimur Hills in Sasaram. In the Kaimur Hills there is a famous cave Gupteswar Cave. The mythological background of the temple is very famous in the area. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and regular puja is offered here.The religious significance of the temple is immense and Lord Shiva in the temple is widely worshipped. The limestone cave is other way a beautiful destination to visit for the nature lover. The stalagmites of the cave and dropping water have fascinated many tourists over the years. The temple attracts thousands of devotees every year.

Sun Temple in Sasaram

The Temple of Sun is situated near Sasaram at the DeoMarkandeya Village. It also has a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Both the temples are ancient and have religious significance. Sun temple holds the reputation of blessing the nature. Sun is the source of all power and prayers are often offered to avoid floods, draught, and other natural calamities. Offerings are made at this temple to to get the blessing of the diety.

Parvati Temple in Sasaram

The Parvati Temple is situated at the BhaluniDham in Sasaram. Like other temples onSasaram, this sacred temple is also has a history and mythological background. The Temple is famous for Devi Parvati and it is said that her father performed Yajna. However, Shiva was not invited and later he destroyed the Yajna in anger. It is said that the incident took place at the very place of the Parvati Temple. The scared temple and its environment have created an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the area. The Parvati Temple has contributed to the art and culture of the Sasaram. The temple is one of the biggest attractions in Sasaram for its religious and touring significance.

Chandan Saheed Hill

Even though it is not a formal temple but the importance of this ancient place is nothing less than the others. The cave in the hill was curved out from the rock. The cave most probably was introduced in the time of the great Mauryan King Ashoka. The inscription inside the cave is from the reign of Ashoka. The place is a great influence of the ancient past of the country as well as very much religious especially for Buddhism.

Apart from the major temples there are numerous other temples in the city of Sasaram. Some of them have been made recently and some of them were made in past. The small to big, all temples enjoy the same religious importance and worshiping is a regular phenomenon in the temples. The beauties of the temples, the architectures and the glorious past and mythological importance of the temples have further glorified the city in the country. There is hardly any other city in India which has so many temples with such strong mythological linking and ancient past. Sasaram is definitely one of the rarest cities which is very much a sacred and religiously important place besides a popular tourist and historical place.

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