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Sasaram Tourism

Sasaram is a beautiful city situated in state of Bihar with rich cultural and historical heritage. If you are planning to travel to Bihar then do not forget to visit the amazing city of Sasaram. The city is located in the north western part of the state. Apart from being one of the most important cities in Bihar, Sasaram is famous for manufacturing and production of stone chips, and for quarrying industry. One can find people from different languages, cultural background and ethnicity residing in the city with peace and harmony. Majorly Bhojpuri, Hindi and Urdu are widely spoken across the region. The city has been important tourist destination for several years in the state of Bihar. The city was once well recognized as economic center in the state during the British period.

Brief History of Sasaram

The city of Sasaram has huge importance in Indian history. The city is birth place of famous Sur dynasty whose ruler Sher Shah Suri became the ruler of Delhi and adjacent northern region in the country by defeating Mughal Emperor Humayun in Battle of Chausa (1539) and Battle of Kanauj or Billgram (1540). King Suri defeated Mughal emperor Humayun and ruled the capital for 5 years. The historic 122 feet (37 m) red sandstone tomb of Afghan king Sher Shah Suri is built in the middle of artificial lake in Sasaram. The tomb was built in Indo Afghan style with blue and yellow glazed tiles indicating an Iranian influence.

Sasaram Tourism

The tomb of Hasan Khan Suri,father of Sher Shah Suri is also situated in Sasaram. Both the tombs have a huge resemblance with the Buddhist Stupa of Mauryan period. The city also has an ancient pool called baulia which was used by the king for bathing purpose. The famous fort at Rohtasgarh is also situated in the city of Sasaram. The fort was built during the 7th century AD. The fort was actually built by Hindu King Raja Harishchandra in honor of his son prince Rohitashwa. During the Mughal era, the Fort was captured and turned into administrative headquarter by Raja Man Singh during the reign of Mughal emperor Akbar who made Man Singh governor of Bihar and Bengal. Read More......

Helpline and Important Contact Numbers

Tourist places in SasaramBihar State Tourism Development Corporation
Bir Chand Patel Path, Patna.
PIN-800 001.
Bihar. India.
Phone: +91-612-2225411,
Fax: +91-612-2506218.
Email: bihartourism.bstdc@gmail.com
Web Site: https://bstdc.bih.nic.in/

Best Time to Visit Sasaram

You can visit the historic and spiritual city of Sasaram between October to March in order to enjoy in pleasant weather. The climatic conditions during these months are pleasant as well as soothing. One can enjoy their vacation in the city during these months at the fullest. There are several travel agencies and agents who can plan and mange your trip to the city at affordable rates. Mentioned below are the few famous travel agents that can help you in planning a hassle free trip to Sasaram.

Places to Visit in Sasaram

Places to Visit in SasaramThe city is bestowed with several historic and religious places amidst greenery. The city is blend of classic, medieval and modern architecture. You can find amazingly carved ancient monuments to well built modern infrastructure in the city. The city offers you several hot spots where one can enjoy the beauty of nature with man made ancient architecture. Apart from historic monuments, the city is known for many famous temples and devotional places in the region. Maa Tara Chandi Temple in Kaimur Mountain is a popular religious place visited by several pilgrims throughout the year. The devotional places in the city are quite famous all over the country due to its spiritual and religious importance. The city of Sasaram is bestowed with two famous waterfalls popularly known as the Mazhar Kund and Dhua Kund.

The waterfalls has emerged as favorite picnic spot in the city and visited by several tourists. A day after Raksha Bandhan every year, a fair is organized by the local communities nearby the vicinity of waterfalls to celebrate the festival. Both the waterfalls are economically important as well. They are capable of producing 50-100 MW of electricity during time of power shortage in the city, especially during summers when the demand of power supply is higher. The city is best known for the presence of ancient and archeologically important monuments from different historic periods. The famous Samrat Ashok pillar is also situated in a small cave in Kaimur hills near the heart of the city. ‘Samadhi’ of Shree Shree 1008 Shree Swami ' Parmeshwara Nand Ji Maharaj ' is also located near the city of Sasram. 

Tomb of Sher Shah Suri

Tomb of Sher Shah Suri was recognized as world’s heritage site by UNESCO. The tomb comprises of huge stone structure standing in the middle of a fine tank and rising from a large stone terrace. The structure on the upper side has a octagonal dome. The entire building consists of huge octagonal chambers accompanied by wide verandah. The famous mausoleum of Sher Shah is situated in the western outskirts of Sasaram and surrounded by a beautifully excavated lake. The entire building is built from heavy sandstone and reminds of the Lodhi styled architecture. The Sher Shah Suri tomb is the second highest tomb in India.With the passage of time beautifully carved colored ties vanished and some were stolen by the dacoits. But the traces of enamel embedded architecture can be seen. The tomb was built by the successor and son of Sher Shah Suri after three months of his death in 1545 AD.

Rohtasgarh Fort

Rohtasgarh Fort is situated 39 km away from the main city of Sasaram. The fort built by the Raja Harish Chandra in honor of his son. The fort was said to be the one of the largest and strongest fort on the hills. The fort is spread across the hills over 4 miles from east to west. The fort was later used by Raja Man Singh, governor of Bengal and Bihar as administrative headquarters under the reign of Mughal period. The fort was believed to have several secret passages for the royal people to escape during emergency.

Plcaes to visit in Sasaram

The Rohtas fort is an outstanding example of Medieval architectural style. Once one the largest and strongest fort in India now is in ruins. The fort has a Ganesh mandir built inside the area built in Rajputana style. History reveals that the mandir was built during the period of Man Singh.

Tomb of Hasan Khan Suri

Tomb of Hasan Khan Suri was built in the memory of Hasan Khan, father of Sher Shah Suri. The tomb was built in Indo Islamic style under the guidance of master architect, Alawal Khan during 15th century. The tomb was consisting of several octagonal shaped chambers with a madarsa inside the mausoleum. The tomb was surrounded by huge verandah along with huge pillars. The main tomb chamber rises higher than the domed roofs of the verandah and supports the larger central dome. The mausoleum has 25 graves with Hasan Khan Suri’s grave in the center. The wall of the tomb was decorated with enamel carvings but the color has faded with time.

Tomb of Chandan Shaheed

Tomb of Chandan Shaheed was built during the Mughal era under the rule of Mughal emperor Jahangir. The Tomb is actually an ancient Mosque with ancient inscriptions in Urdu and Arabic. The mosque is surrounded by huge pillars and supported by dome. The architecture of the mosque reminds of the eclectic mixture of Indo Islamic style. Historians believed that the mosque was built with the purpose of establishing contact with almighty by the emperor. The tomb was built on the Chandan Shaheed hills. The place attracts several visitors every year and has become one of the most visited sites in the city.

Chaurasan Mandir

The famous devotional place of Chaurasan Mandir is situated 1 km away from the Chandan Shaheed hills. The temple was built during the medieval period by the Hindu rulers in the city. The temple was devoted to lord Shiva. The temple observes huge influx of pilgrims throughout the year. During the Shiva Ratri, the number of people visiting the religious place significantly increases. The temple is built in classic Indian style with several sculptures carved on the walls of the temple. Each sculpture signifies a ritual and custom of Hindu tradition. The temple is surrounded by greenery that increases the beauty of the religious place. Apart from being a spiritual place, the temple also holds historic importance. Many parts of the temple has ruined or damaged with the passage of time. But the local authorities are playing crucial role in conserving the ancient temple.

Tara Chandi Hill

Tara Chandi Hill is situated 1 km away from the Chandan Shaheed hill. This temple also holds religious and spiritual significance. The temple of Tara Chandi hill is devoted to Hindu goddess Kali. The temple has a beautifully rock carved idol of goddess Kali. The temple is visited by several pilgrims every year. The temple has great spiritual importance. Festivals like Dussera and Diwali is celebrated with great joy in the temple. The architecture of the temple indicates the presence of Rajputana style blended with Deccan architecture. People believe that the temple was built during the era of Raja Man Singh in honor of Goddess Kali to protect their homeland from foreign invasion.

Bhaluni Dham

Bhaluni Dham is located near the Natwar in Vikramganj region. Bhaluni Dham is also known as Yakshini Mandir by the residents. The ancient temple is devoted to goddess Durga from Hindu mythology. The devotional place is located on the bank of a beautiful lake. The temple was designed and built in 6th century. The residents also call the temple as Jakhini Mai temple. A fair is organized at the temple vicinity on every Chitra Nauratra. Few portions of the temple is ruined and damaged. But still the temple looks amazing. Bhaluni Dham has become the most visited devotional places in the region.

Indrapuri Dam

Indra puri dam in Sasaram has become one of the most favorite picnic spot in the region. The huge dam was built on Son River, a tributary of mighty river Ganga. The picnic spot observes huge number of visitors during the public holidays as every want comes to spend leisure time with their family. During the month of January, the spot observes huge influx of people because the decreased water level of the River makes it look like a small island. Few people love taking bath in the river and enjoy water sport with their relatives. While few people likes sun bathing amid the serene natural beauty.

Tutrahi Waterfalls

It is yet another amazing place to spend good time with family and friend. The waterfall is surrounded by greenery and natural beauty. The hilly area covers with little colored flowers during the winter season. The place has also become one of the popular places in the city where residents enjoy having small get together with their families. The place is arc shaped and surrounded by hills that helps in maintaining moderate temperature of the region. Here the water falls from the height of 100 m that causes the foam and stream formation due to which the place is also called Dhua Jharna. One can also explore the wild life in the area. The animals like langoors, deers and squirrels are easily visible in the vicinity.


Shergarh is a famous fort built in Khaimur hills and extends up to 10 km North West from Sasaram. The fort is built by Emperor Sher Shah Suri during the period of 1540 to 1545 in Chenari region. Historian believes that the fort was built by the king after defeating Humayun in Delhi for his Hindu beloved. While few historians suggest that the fort was built for security purpose and was the administrative block of Suri’s empire. The fort has several temples, graves and emambaras. The fortification of the monument provided security to the loyal of king.

Sasaram Travel Tips

While on your way to the historic city of Sasaram, following tips must be kept in mind to ensure safe and hassle free journey.
  • Booking a hotel prior landing in the city is advisable
  • Travelers must carry the required documents like identity cards and money with them to escape any emergency condition
  • For travel savvy people carrying a GPS or map is advisable
  • Do not loiter in the lone lanes as it can trouble you
  • Traveler must always carry emergency phone numbers and help lines to deal with any emergency situation
  • Do not forget to carry your medical kit with you

Where to Stay in Sasaram ?

The city of Sasaram is well prepared to accommodate huge influx of tourist in the city. The historic city has several deluxe and luxury hotel that offers you good accommodation facilities within your budget. One can find variety of hotels and lodges in the city with variety of facilities. With the increased influx of visitors, several modern hotels have mushroomed in the city that offer plethora of facilities like air conditioned rooms, fooding services, geyser, television and laundry. Listed below are the few famous hotels in the city.

Sasaram tourism

Maurya Royal Hotel & Restaurant
Address: Rouza Rd, Laxkariganj, Sasaram, Bihar 821115
Phone:06184 222 117

Hotel Urvashi
Address: Station Foot Over Bridge, Jakhi Bigha, Rohtas, Bihar 821307
Phone:078 56 040999

Gopal Deluxe Hotel
Address: Dharmshala, Sasaram,Bihar-821 152.
Phone No: 06184-224366

Hotel Shershah Vihar
Address: Faijalganj, Sasaram, Bihar-821 152
Phone No: 06184-221267

Hotel Rohit International
Address: Old. GT. Road, Sasaram, Bihar-821115
Phone No: 06184-222033

Mountain View Resort
Address: NH-2, Near Tarachandi Dham, Sasaram, Bihar-821115
Phone No: 8229801206, 8229801207

How to Reach Sasaram ?

The city of Sasaram is well connected with both rail and road. The National Highway 2 passes through the city. Within the city one can ferry using public transportation like buses and autos. Both government and private buses operates in the city but private buses are more frequent than the government buses. In the rural area one can find horse cart and bullock carts. The city of Sasaram is well connected with capital city of Patna via railways. Sasaram railway junction comes in Howrah Delhi railway network. Many express trains passes through the Sasaram Junction every day. The nearest airport to the city of Sasaram is 121km away from the city. It is located in Gaya. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the crowd in the city of Sasaram, you can hire a cab for you so that you can enjoy the travel without any hassle.

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