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Business and Economy of Sasaram

The ancient city of Sasaram situated in state of Bihar has huge commercial and economical importance since ancient times. The region has been famous for the production of stone chips for quarrying industry. Apart from industrial production, the city mainly depends on agriculture for its livelihood. Almost 60% of the population in the region practices works like farming, fishing, dairy etc. In less than a decade time, the city has seen mushrooming of several small medium Agro based industries in the city. Most of them deal in import and export of agricultural products between different states.

Economy of Sasaram

The industries have opened several job opportunities for the youth in the city. Due to the increased employment opportunity, people from nearby areas are also migrating in the city. Along with the upliftment of living standard of residents in the city, the industries are also contributing toward the economy of the state of Bihar.

Economic History of Sasaram

The city of Sasaram is birth place of Afghan king Sher Shah Suri. Suri became emperor and ruled Delhi by defeating Mughal Emperor Humayun in Battle of Chausa (1539) and Battle of Kanauj or Billgram (1540) . During his period he levied tax on common people to fill his treasury. After his death, Mughals bounced back and regain control over Delhi which was then seat of power. Under Afgan dynasty, the city of Sasaram flourished. The city imported and exported several agricultural goods adjacent states pre independence. After the British came to power, they adopted the policies of King Sher Shah Suri including taxation and administration. The British Empire started trading spices, silk and fine textiles, cotton, dye, salt, tea and finally but not least opium for generating revenue. Under Independent India, the city has emerged to be one of the industrial hubs with several manufacturing industries in Sasaram.

Current Economic Scenario in Sasaram

Economic Scenario in Sasaram

Slowly but steadily Sasaram has emerged to become the trade hub in the state. The commodities traded are food grains, cloth, ornaments, building materials, medicines. The major markets in the city are Gandhi Chowk Market, Chaukhandi, Gola Market and Navratan Bazar which are known for high level commercial activities. Apart from the industrial and commercial employment, few people also work in government sector. The small medium enterprises in the region are growing with greater pace. Most of the industries work in field of stone mining, rice polishing, flour mills, wooden furniture, iron rods (gates, windows etc).

Agriculture and Trade in Sasaram

Majority of the population in Sasaram is engaged in agricultural work like farming and harvesting crops. The population residing in rural areas is mainly engaged in works like poultry, animal husbandry, dairy, fisheries etc to earn livelihood. Few percent of the people in the rural area are engaged in mining industry . It has been observed that in last few decades, the occupations like dairy and poultry has emerged as high income work. Fishery has also emerged as potential work where the income is generally higher during the autumn and winter season when the fishes are in demand. Huge amount of Indigenous fish carps are also exported to states like West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa. The farmers engaged in agriculture also work in forestry for timber collection during the off seasons. However, the urban and the city population are mostly engaged in governmental or industrial work. The city of Sasaram has a huge industrial set up including many small medium enterprises.

Agriculture in Sasaram

Most of the urban population is engaged in industries like mining, manufacturing, plastic making and chemical refining. One can find several chip manufacturing and distributing companies in the city that exports high quality chips to different nations. Apart from the industrial work force, many residents were self employed. Many people have their own stores or shops like grocery, medicine, clothing, shoes, electronic appliances shops etc. The city is also well known for woven and crafted materials in the local markets. Most of the woven materials are made up of Bamboo sticks that are in huge demand for interior decorations. The crafted items were also imported by many European countries from the city of Sasaram.

Industrial Scenario in Sasaram

The city of Sasaram has several registered companies that have opened several manufacturing and distribution centers in the city. The industries employ thousands of people from the city who directly earns their livelihood from these industries. Apart from the manufacturing and mining industries, the city is home to several agro based small medium enterprises that are working as a backbone of the city. These SMEs helps in improving the economic condition of the city by enhancing the per capita income of the workers. With the establishment of the industries, several schools and hospitals have also opened in the vicinity that encourages better living standards. However, the increased employment opportunities in the city have increased the migration rate of people from rural area to urban area in search of work. The historic city of Sasaram is headquarter of several companies like K.K. Enterprises, Sri Ram Industries, Omansh Industries, Patel Rice Mill etc.

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