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About Sasaram

Sasaram is one of the ancient cities and part of the contemporary historical place in the state of Bihar. The city is also the administrative headquarter of Rohtas District. The city is predominantly a hot spot About Sasaramfor the history lovers. It is associated with legendary Afgan ruler Sher Shah, the Emperor of Delhi. It is also the place of legendary king Harish Chandra. The city is one of the fast emerging cities in Bihar. Known for its historical importance and tourist destinations, Sasaram is perhaps the most visited place of the state after the capital Patna. The city is blessed with naturak beauty and is dotted with various historical monuments and structures. The city is also referred as Sasseram and Sahasram. The emerging mid-scale business and agriculture has even more bestowed the city with adequate facilities and utilities.

Brief History of Sasaram

The history of Sasaram dates back to 7th century AD. However, the most impacting part of the history of Sasaram began during Mughal era in India. This is the birth place of India’s one of the finest rulers Sher Shah Suri (1486 – 22 May 1545). The Afghan ruler Sher Shah inflicted crushing defeat and compelled Mughal Emperor Humayun to flee from India. He then mapped the plan of the road between Kabul and Bengal. The road is famous as Grand Tank Road.

Know about Sasaram

He, however died in an accident, and Humayan later reclaimed his empire. But the following successors of Delhi and even the British implemented some of the rules of Sher Shah Suri. His presence can still be felt at the Rohtasgarh Fort and Sher Shah Suri’s red sandstone tomb. The beauty of the tomb is that it depicts many cultures and style at the same time. Sasaram served as the headquarters of Bihar and Bengal under the governance of Raja Man Singh when he was the Governor of under the regime of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Read More.......

Geography in Sasaram

Sasaram coordinates at 24.95°N 84.03°E. The city has hilly areas of Kaimur Hill and the plain area which is watered by the Sone River. The climate is generally moderately extreme type. According to the government records the city witness all the major three seasons in the year. April to July is considered as the summer when the maximum temperature could reach as high as 45° C. The month of August to September is considered as Rainy Season. The rain is quite consistent here, and the average rainfall of the city is around 952 mm per year. However, the city witnesses rainfall even in the month of January and February under the influence of the Western Disturbance and other natural phenomena. The subsequent months of October and November remains pleasant and calm in the city which also embark the way of winter. The coolest month of the city is however January when the minimum temperature drops down to 10° C. Read More......

Places of Interests in Sasaram

Sasaram is an ancient city and is full of historic monuments and cultural diversities. If the entire city is considered then it alone has more historic places than many big cities. The traditional culture and the religious and sacred places of this city have attracted many visitors over the years. The city is sometimes referred as the tourist centre of Bihar. The close proximity with the State Capital and the improved communication and the transportation system makes it even more convenient for tourism. The city is mainly dotted with the ancient structures and places and the presence of the traditional and religious places of all the major religions of India have made it even more versatile and significant. The major places of attractions in Sasaram are the following.

Tourism in Sasaram

Tombs and Mosques in Sasaram
The Tomb of Sher Shah Suri, the mighty Afghan ruler, is the face of the city and is situated amidst beautiful artificial lake and is managed by Archaeological Survey of India. Apart from it, the Tomb of Hasan Khan Suri is another ancient tomb of the past. This tomb is of the father of Sher Shah Suri. It is equally beautiful and is situated at around 500 meter from the Tomb of Sher Shah. Tomb of Chandan Shaheed is another beautiful tomb and mosque in the city. This is an old mosque built in the reign of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. There are many other tombs present in the city.Tomb of Malik Wishal Khanis the major one whereas the city also hosts the lesser known Mosque and Tombs. Read More......

Temples in Sasaram
The city is also home to some famous Hindu temples. Temple of Maa Tara Chandi is one of the most popular temples in the city. The temple is famous for the idol of Goddess Chandi. There are many other small, big, new and ancient temples in the city. The famous temples of the city are following.Chaurasan Mandir, Ganesh temple, Gupta Mahadev temple, Parvati temple are the major ones in Sasaram.

Natural Beauty and Historic places in Sasaram
There are many natural places as well which do not only create enticing atmosphere and environment, but also beautify the entire scenic of Sasaram. The Manjhar Kund, Bhaluni Dam and Dhua Kund are the most places of attraction to enjoy the nature. Manjhar Kund and Dhua Kund are two beautiful waterfalls. Apart from it the historic monuments like Rohtasgarh Fort, Samrat Ashok Pillar, Sukha Rauza and Ashokan Inscription and Rock-cut caves are fascinating and enthralling assets of the city. The city is considered as a paradise for a tourist who is looking to discover India at one place. The city depicts an ideal fusion of nature, history and culture. Read More.....

Economy of Sasaram

Economy of SasaramThe economy of Sasaram is majorly dependent on the agriculture. The irrigation system of the city has been a model for the rest of the state. The rock quarrying industry has also started to shine in the area making it another factor of Sasaram economy. The process of urbanization of the city is going on fairly rapid speed and the medium-scale industries in the city have started to blossom. The time is not far away when the city would become one of the important cities in the Bihar State. Tourism is also one of the major parts of economy of Sasaram. The government has recently tried to showcase the glorious past of the less known city to the country so that more visitors and tourists can be attracted. Read More......

Population and Demography of Sasaram

According to the last Census of 2011, Sasaram has the population of 147,396. The city has 53% Male and 47 % of women. However, the speciality about the city is, the literacy rate of the city is much higher as compare to the other parts of the state. The average literacy rate of the city is 82.31% which is much higher than the national average of 74.04% and the Bihar average of 63.33%. The social, economic and cultural development of the city has made it one of the most significant cities in the state of Bihar and India as well.

Festivals and Fair of Sasaram

The city of Sasaram is known for its culture and festivals. The city witnesses many fairs and festivals that keeps the city happening and joyous all the time. The festivals of the city are mainly centred around the temples of the city. Festival at Tara Chandi temple is one of the most popular events of the city. Thousands of people come from different parts of the country to take part in this annual event.
Annual fair at Gupta Dham is another crowd puller. Tilauthu Mela is a unique and special fair held near Sasaram. This fair is organised between October and November.

Festivals and Fair of Sasaram

Karma Festival is another unique festival of the city which has been marked as Mahotsava or Super Festival by the Tourism Department. The festival is celebrated by the tribal in the area of Rohtasgarh Fort. The festival runs for around 3-4 days. Apart from it, the city also celebrates popular festivals as Guru Purnima, Karthik Purnima, Holi, Deepavali, Dusshera, and other common Indian Festivals.

Cuisines of Sasaram

Sasaram is known for its typical Bihari cuisines. The typical Bihari Cuisine like kadhi bari, khicdi, litti chokha, choora and other dishes like saag, kofta, korma easily available. However, it is said, that delicacy of Sasaram is different and dishes can be best enjoyed at the city of Sher Shah. The city is also famous for the Non vegetarian dishes like Bihari biryani, kebab and chicken tandoori. Fish is also very popular in the city. Read More......

Transportation in Sasaram

Sasaram is well connected to the nearest metro city Kolkata and the state capital Patna. The Sasaram has a well-established railway station on a major railway line of the country. The Sasaram Railway Station comes in the Howrah-New Delhi Railway network. There are regular trains from the city to the State Capital Patna, nearest metro Kolkata, the National Capital New Delhi and the Financial Capital Mumbai. The city is well placed, and many top express trains stop at the station.The city also falls on the Grand Trunk Road and is well connected to Kolkata, Patna and New Delhi.

Transport services in Sasaram

The city is extremely well located, and the transportation of the city has become well developed due to its geographical position. The city has frequent bus services with the nearest places.The birth place of the great king Sher Shah Suri and Raja Harish Chandra can also be reached by air from three airports within 200 Km of range. The airports are well connected to the city of Sasaram and can be reached by Taxi and other medium. Read More......

Shopping in Sasaram

The Sasaram city has not been sufficiently urbanized till now. The shopping mall culture is absent in this part of Bihar. But it has an adequate amount of sources for quality shopping and marketing. The local markets of the city can be found stuffed with numerous items to cater the needs of the people in the city. From apparel shops to home appliances stores you can find all and more in Sasaram. Further roadside markets can be seen selling various household goods at nominal rates.

Shopping in Sasaram

The cloths of the city are very famous for being affordable and at the same time fashionable and stylish. The gold ornaments of Sasaram have a special reputation for being well crafted and designed. The city has showed improvements in terms of shopping places and one could clearly expect many more such places in the emerging and historic city of Sasaram. The market at Dharmsala Road is the best shopping destination in the city. Read More......

Sasaram at a glance

Country: India
State: Bihar
Region: Central Plateau
District: Rohtas
Language: Hindi, Bhojpuri
Location: 24.95°N 84.03°E
Pin Code: 821115
Telephone Code: 06184
Climate: Moderate Extreme
Population (2011): 147,396

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